What is the secret to darling baby or grandchild's onesies or baby blankets?  how about crochet appliques, teddy bear appliques or baby appliques?  Do you know how to perk up little girls' dresses or tops with flower appliques or butterfly appliques?  How can you put a happy smile on an animal loving child's face?  Try our animal appliques!  What could you use on your rough and tumble little boy's shirts to make a statement?  Take a look at our boy appliques or our sports appliques!  We have appliques for many different occasions.  Christmas and Halloween appliques for the holiday season, red hat appliques for those ladies who enjoy wearing red hats and golf appliques for those who insist they always hit the ball really good, but it always goes someplace really bad.   We also have American appliqués and nautical appliqués.  Having a tea party?  We have teapot and teacup appliques.  In addition, we can make custom appliqués for you.