Rick: Hi, I'm Rick.

Debbie: And I'm Debbie.

Rick: Welcome!  This page will tell you a little bit about us at quiltware.com, Inc. and the wonderful world of appliques and buttons!  We are a family business of twenty one years of which we've been a part for twenty years.   We used to do a lot of quilt shows on the east coast including NJ, PA, VA, MD and VT, but now we are constantly growing our website business to enable Debbie, quiltware.com's President, to stay at home.

Debbie:  Plus I love to text and have been called the texting queen!

Rick:  We've attended classes from Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to Tax and Entrepreneur Training programs.   I'm a West Point graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree.  I served as an Army Captain and helicopter pilot and I have a Masters in Engineering from Widener University.  I also have my second Masters (Executive Masters of Technology Management) from the University of Penn.  I not only work on the business during spare moments, but also work full time for Northrop Grumman in Annapolis, MD and am a spinning instructor for the YMCA.

Debbie:  I have a Bachelor's Degree in education from Shippensburg State University in Shippensburg, PA.   I taught computer software classes for Online Consulting in Wilmington, DE until our child, Elizabeth was born.  Now I'm a stay at home Mom who works harder than I did when I was working outside the home!   But I get to do this from our home, which is nice for me. Our lives are very exciting!

Rick: Our mission is for you to find what you want, to have fun with our quilting and sewing related products and to enjoy creating things with them.  We offer you reasonable prices, convenience, consistency and fast, reliable, personal and top notch customer service! We want you to enjoy our website and our products.

Debbie: As a sewist, quilter, crafter or business owner, we feel our appliques and buttons are right up your alley!  Come visit us often!  Give us your feedback.  We listen to you because you are important to us and we appreciate your business. Thanks!

Contact us:

2324 Haven Avenue
Ocean City, NJ  08226