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What are the Benefits of Sewing your own children's clothing?

For those of us who have children we know that every year, in fact every month, kids just keep on growing and seem to need brand new clothes constantly. If you added up the amount of money you spend on your children’s clothing, you would be amazed.  A money saving tip is to use a sewing pattern and make your own children's clothing. It is an easy thing to do and your kids will love the clothes you make them if you keep in mind what they like.

You will save a small fortune by making your own clothes. You can reuse your sewing patterns as many times as you like. If one of your children outgrows a favorite shirt you’ve made you can just make them a new shirt in a larger size.  Easy as one two three!

Shopping for Sewing Patterns

Shopping for sewing patterns is a lot of fun. There are many different patterns to choose from. If you purchase patterns from our website, you will not be overwhelmed with patterns that have too high of a difficulty rating and will be able to work with patterns within your comfort level and expertise.

Choosing fabric for your new clothing is also a very fun thing to do. If your kids aren’t too old, they will likely want to come along.  There are many prints and colors available that you just won't see on store hangers. Many kids have a great time picking out cool fabrics for their very own new clothes. You also get to pick out appropriate fabrics. The trouble with most clothing in the store today, is they are designed with only the way they look in mind. You will be able to pick out very soft or more durable fabric.  You can also make more conservative clothing than you will find 'out there.'

Letting your children help pick out sewing patterns and fabrics is a great way to start. Eventually they can help you make the clothes too. It doesn’t take long to teach your children to follow the sewing patterns themselves. This is a useful skill they will be happy to have later in life. Additionally, learning how much work is required to make their clothes will give them an appreciation for their clothing. Hopefully they will treat them with more respect.